Exclusive Interview with Bryan Henderson!


Bryan Henderson earlier today hit the final Curiosity Cube and instantly became our almighty God in Godus. My Twitter Followers have been forwarding questions for me to ask him.

@KnealeK asks ‘4 million people were part of Curiosity, you have great power will you use it for good or evil?’

BH 'I don't know really. Not thought about it too much. I don't even know what the game is? The Godus one? I'm usually a nice person so I guess nice? Doubt I'll be playing it much. I'm more into Gears of War and Halo type games to be honest.'

PM ‘I think what Bryan is trying to say is that he’s still quite shocked and doesn’t fully understand this incredible role that he’s been given. There will be many layers of good and evil and perhaps this will change over time? Who knows but I do know that there hasn’t ever been a game like this!

@Lazysavant When did you [Bryan] start playing? I want the answer to be “About 5 minutes before the end”

BH ‘It was more like a minute before the end. Someone mentioned it on twitter and it had been a really boring Sunday up until then so I thought I’d try it out. I couldn’t work out what the hell was going on. I tapped it a few times but then the game crashed or something so I just stuck on some Fifa on the Xbox. Then this Peter guy was trying to get in touch, apparently he has been famous for years. Sort of the Bono of gaming I think.

PeterMolydeux ‘That was always the exciting thing about Curiosity. ANYONE could win. It’s quite incredible isn’t it?

@EWilldridgehow’s how long did he spend tapping away? Did he ever think he would win and did he ever think what was.inside

BH ‘I don’t know. About a minute? Was this game up yesterday? How long has the game been up?

PM ‘It’s been played by millions of people for nearly a year!’

BH ‘What? A year? Why would anyone play this for that long?’

PM ‘Because they were curious of what was inside?’

BH ‘This god thing is inside? Why would anyone want that? Can I exchange it for a car or something?’

PM ‘I don’t think you get it do you? YOU ARE A GOD!’

BH ‘What does that even mean?’

PM ‘It means you get to control how the world in GODUS works!’

BH ‘What do you do in GODUS?’

PM ‘You build civilisation! You decide the fortunes and tragic events of the world. You get to build an empire!’

BH ‘Can I just make people explode and stuff?’

PM ‘You can do that too, yeah.’